Things to Consider

before purchase

Check your wall space and then pick your canvas size

All our selections show a room view so you can get an idea of how it looks hanging on a wall. This may not be to scale. Check the exact size in the description of your selected canvas and use those dimensions on your wall space.

May vary slightly

Quality is very important to us and we want you to love your new canvas for years to come. Our screen images are calibrated as close as possible to the final printed piece, but there are things to consider. First you are viewing the website image with the light source coming from behind which makes colors a bit brighter. Second, the images are printed with ink on canvas material which tends to make it more of a matt finish. Third, it's virtually impossible to make our screen images look the same on all monitors. Everyone's monitor varies with personal settings, such as color, brightness and room lighting. Fourth, the canvas has a texture that you can't see on the screen image.

Screen Image

Canvas Image